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Sample Compass Guide for
Make your own Panorama Tripod Head

Right mouse Click to Print

Issue: Some developers choose to make their own panorama head.  These type of heads require a compass guide to help determine location points where to take shots during the pan sequence.

Resolution:  Provide one for downloading and printing to required size on local printer.

Download information:  (see compass (bottom) filename compass7x7.bmp)

1.  To download this image, wait until the compass is in full view.

2.  Mouse over the image,  right click, and select  "Save picture as" .  Then write down the folder where you saved the picture.

3.  Open and load the compass picture in your favorite photo editor.  When printing tell the printer to print the image to your required dimensions.  For example, print the image 6", 5", or 4" .  Be sure to tell the printer to print high quality color.  Printing a photograph setting should provide high quality printed image.  It is possible to print the compass to any dimension that will fit on the paper.

4.  Suggest printed compass paper be covered with protective plastic.

5. Mark 30, 60, 120 for 3 image shot.  Otherwise mark the degree points for the number of desired pictures.

click to view and save Right mouse click 'Save Image As'

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